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Defend — an mtb kit that would make Tony Stark jealous. The off-season training put in by the Fox MTB team paid off big at the kickoff to the season - Crankworx Rotorua.

Threatening skies held off most of the week and the dirt was prime for racing and ripping all week long. With 2 wins and 10 podiums across the 7 different disciplines the Fox athletes made Rotorua feel like a second home for Fox fans in attendance!

For the second year in a row, Brett Rheeder started his season off with a bang. Adding multiple new tricks to his program, he rode a nearly flawless run to capture the top step of the podium in the annual Maxxis Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza. Anthony Messere was riding on the limit all week and put together a great run to place 6th in the Maxxis Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza. His top six finish means he's punched his ticket into the next round at Crankworx Taches de rousseurs visage He rode clean and in control and his performance left him just 0.

It was a great performance, but being so close left him a little frustrated - something he will use as motivation for next month's Maribor!

He looked good in training and was ready to compete in his first test of the season. Always a fan favorite, Loic lightened a bad moment as he asked a spectator for his pump and tried to bring the tire back to life.

Tahnée Seagrave battled through multiple injuries throughout the week to put together a great set of results. She rode multiple disciplines and ended up with three third-place finishes - Dual Slalom, Downhill, and Pump Track. Truly an all-around talent, Tahnée is also a crowd favorite who made the Rotorua fans feel special all week long! Speaking of fan favorites, local boy Keegan Wright was the hardest working athlete in Rotorua. His amazing overall performance finds him in second place overall for the King of Crankworx points!

Bas van Steenbergen was another all-around performer in Rotorua. These points have him in the running for the overall King of Crankworx title. Durability, Versatility or Mobility?

For Kirt, riding in the high desert of California, with varying temps, sharp rocks, cacti, and the occasional zombie apocalypse, led him to select this kit.

Like Kirt, you can mix and match our purpose-built collections to form a kit perfectly suited for your ride. Every rider is different, and no two rides are the same.

So, to meet your individual needs, we created three purpose-built lines of gear — each providing you with a unique set of benefits.

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Use our all-new kit builder tool to create a kit tailor-made for your next ride. Rugged conditions, castorama rideaux grande largeur trail overgrowth, the occasional fall: These are certainties on the mountain. The Defend Mountain Bike Collection stands up to this trail-related wear and tear — ride after ride.

Using super tough Kevlar fabric and reinforced taped seams, this range of MTB jerseys, shorts, and gloves will be the most durable in your arsenal. The look and feel of your favorite t-shirt packed with technical features and cut for comfort in a mountain bike riding position. Introducing the all-new Ranger Mountain Bike Collection. With natural-feeling fabrics concealing technical features, this range of jerseys and shorts allows you to hit the trails on your lunch break and get away with it.

Flexair is our lightest and most breathable MTB gear. On your hottest rides, the Flexair Mountain Bike Collection of shorts, jerseys and gloves will keep you comfortable with ventilation, advanced moisture wicking, and limitless mobility. The introduction of the Proframe helmet was a radical new direction for the mountain bike helmet industry. Taking everything we learned from that endeavor, the Spring MTB Helmet Collection builds on the rebellion with a new version of game-changing innovation for riders in every discipline.

Aiming for endless improvement, our design team gave our collection of mountain bike guards a serious update. Our best-sellers have been modernized with CE certifications, we've launched our revolutionary Fox F3 Armor, and a host of brand-new styles are here to fill any gaps.

This collection of guards is our most comprehensive ever, featuring everything from hard-plated guards and pedal-friendly slip-on styles to armored shorts and base layers.

As the most important connection between rider and bike, gloves have been a focus for us since day one. For women, by women. At Fox, we're lucky enough to work with some of the most talented athletes in the world. Fox hydration bags are designed to take you from your house to the top of the trail and back again. Every ride is different, so we offer packs in three key sizes - equipping you for everything from all-day epics to quick local loops.

Select your perfect pack based on your individual hydration and storage needs. When we set out to develop class defining products, our intention is not awards, metals or other accolades.

However, it still feels good to be recognized for our efforts. Not only does this award validate our efforts but it motivates us to continue to provide you with the best gear possible.

That's our promise to you. This year once again saw select international journalists, professional test riders, and industry experts invest more than 6, hours of their time to partake in the DI. A process. In his sixth trip to Red Bull Rampage, Brett Rheeder showed the perfect combination of speed, amplitude, and his patented style to take the top step of the podium and his first Rampage win.

His huge styled out flat was done on a line only he attempted and helped to separate him from the competition with a final score of He only needed that first run score and his second became a victory lap after waiting out the runs of his competitors. Brett adds this victory to a stunning list of achievements in the sport of Freestyle Mountain Biking. Congrats Brett! Always a fan favorite, Redbull Rampage winner and Mountain Bike legend Andreu Lacondeguy showed passion and precision as he pulled out all the stops and pushed his Fox teammate Brett Rheeder to the limits with his final run.

Adding his iconic style to giant airs during his second run he was on a burner until a late crash cemented his second place position with his incredible first run score of Another Rampage podium adds to his already astonishing competition history, and you can bet he'll be back with his eyes on the top step for !

At only 21 years of age, Ethan Nell has already positioned himself as one of the most exciting new stars in the world of Freestyle Mountain Biking with his second podium at Rampage. Only 2 years ago, Ethan was digging for competitors like Andreu Lacondeguy. He got his first shot at the event in and made the most of it with a 3rd place finish.

He had to up his game dramatically this year to maintain that podium position. His aggressive riding style and in-depth knowledge of the terrain in Virgin, Utah set his first run apart and came in at Big things are on the horizon for Ethan, and we expect him to keep climbing that podium in and beyond!

In the closest of contests, Bruni edged out his nearest competitor by 0. The fourth and final stop of the Crankworx World Tour made its return to the epicenter of mountain bike culture, Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Being the largest lift-accessed mountain bike park in the world boasting over 1, meters of lift-serviced rajeunissement visage efficace synonyme, the two-wheel culture and lifestyle is like no other.

The Fox MTB global team was in action all week delivering outstanding performances with multiple podium finishers earning medals.

Throughout the week of Crankworx, the Fox brand was also activating on site and engaging with consumers, fans and fellow bike bros to create and share the memorable ride.

Ride Mountain Bike Day is coming! On July 20th, we will join mountain bikers around the world by blowing off all other obligations and simply riding our mountain bikes. We encourage riders everywhere - in all regions and skill levels - to join in on the fun.

Otherwise known as Ride MTB Day, this yearly movement is composed of community-based events that will take place around the globe with mountain bike brands, media, professionals, retailers, parks and local riders everywhere - each showing their love and support for the sport of mountain biking by holding group rides, fundraisers, races and demos.

Ride MTB Day is not a Fox-owned event, but our goal is to have the concept adopted by the entire industry and raise mountain bike awareness and participation. On this day, each year, mountain bikers will gather together at local trails, bike parks, and bike shops and even enjoy solitary rides, helping to bring riders all over the world together. For more information and to find an event near you, visit www.

Add heavy rainfall in the into the mix and then you have a course that's even more unpredictable than usual. Tahnee Seagrave took the win in the women's downhill World Cup! She won by a hair at a tenth of a second to claim her second win of the year and re-ignite her title challenge. Laurie Greenland is on fire! Back to back podiums for the Brit. He put in a fast and direct run where he took all the risks, nearly going over the bars at the start. He finished second.

This place always delivers an amazing show and we had plenty of great action for this edition! Check out all the Fox Head riders' reactions here:.

This is her first victory of the year and the first time she has won at Fort William! She has been dreaming of it for ages and has proved she is fit and she'll fight for more wins this year. And now, on to Leogang.

I think the girls are going to be pushing so hard this year so anyone could win it. It's faster and the times are always so tight so I'm excited! I've had a real bad week so for me to come out and that happen, I wasn't expecting it. It's amazing! He was so so close to 1st place, only 0. Other than that, it was a cool race. The fast guys were going all out and the guys who really deserved it, like Mo-mo Amaury Pierron stole the show and he took the win.

I was almost going to cry, it was crazy!

And Loïc Bruni was there at the podium like 'Hi guys, I'm back! I'm 4 points behind Aaron Gwin, in 2nd place! Lait et regime pour maigrir rapidement is all so crazy and I am really happy!

He got injured at the first round in Croatia with a dislocated elbow and has worked really hard to get back for this race. He was careful with his elbow all week, with lots of time on the massage table so he could give his best on race day. A 5th place, only 2. Even just last week, I was stiff with a painful arm and had had no riding time so I had no idea how it was going to be.

I wasn't riding to win, I wasn't riding to come 5th, I was just riding to get down in one piece. So I was really happy with my result and above all absolutely over the moon for Amaury! He came 7th in Qualis and put in a solid run for Finals. The times are so close - I was under 4 seconds off 1st place so it just goes to show how tight everyone was - that was all the way back in 13th. I was happy with the run, just it would have been good to be one or two seconds quicker here.

As for next week, I've always done well at Leogang - I got the 2nd there in and I haven't been out of the top ten for the past 3 or 4 years or something, so yeah, I'm looking forward to Leogang. Not the result he was looking for but it is still very good and he has learnt a lot this weekend! I normally pride myself on being quite head-strong for racing but I was actually a bit nervous.

I rode it a bit tight out the gate, braked hard in the top few turns, something I didn't do through the whole of practice and then kicked myself a bit for that. I found the flow and got into it and then started pushing on a bit too much because I knew my top was not as good as I would have liked. So I pushed on a bit too hard and started getting a bit loose and made a few mistakes. It still kind of surprised me, on a day like today I can still come down in 16th but yeah, not happy.

I learnt a lot today though so that's all that matters really. As for Leogang, I just like racing. Last year, I was in the mindset of liking one track and maybe not the other.

But I like racing my bike, so while I obviously prefer some tracks more than others, I am pretty keen for whatever race comes and keen for whatever it throws at me! This is his first-year racing Elite and he is still learning. And then this morning I felt a bit stiff on my bike and I still felt pretty fast but when my race run came around, the only thought I had in my head was that I wanted to win.

I think I took the wrong approach a bit to the race - because I felt so good on my bike yesterday, I needed to keep that same mindset of just riding and having fun. But today I took it a bit too seriously almost, and I think I was just too focused on trying to win instead of just trying to ride my bike. I ended up riding really stiff and making stupid mistakes and breaking in bad spots and I ended up 6 seconds back but I still pretty happy with that and it is my first top For sure, my goal this year is to win a world cup - if you are racing, you are here to win - if anyone tells you different they are probably lying or just trying to be modest.

That is the ultimate goal but I think I need to become a better rider first or just better at racing against the big guys like Loïc and Amaury and Loris. It takes time. I'm really excited!

All the teams left Scotland yesterday and are heading down to Leogang Austria. We're already super excited for this one! Welcome to Olargues, a very pretty French village a bit lost between big mountains. The local organisation shaped and used their best and most difficult trails for Round 3 of the Enduro World Series.

The rain didn't make it easier and all the riders had to ride through a lot of tough sections with safety and speed to have a chance to perform. The show didn't disappoint and our riders managed their effort on the best way possible!

It's very motivating for the next rounds! These mistakes cost me my place on the podium but I think I was a bit too stressed and I couldn't concentrate properly! I was almost racing at home and I wanted to do too good! But like I said, I'm happy and I got some good points for the overall so it's a great weekend all in all!

I was tight with Sam Hill and I just lost some time at the end but this didn't affect the result. I got 8th in Colombia and 7th here so yes, it's going in the right direction, I'm stoked! It's a shame but it's all part of racing and it's what we love! I go home for a month now and I'm gonna work on a few things and come back stronger!


The next round will take all the enduro riders to Austria and Slovenia for a double country destination on the 30th June and 1st July! They're all. Imagine a port-side DH race with a view of the Mediterranean most of the way down.

Imagine you can finish your run and jump straight into the sea. The beautiful atmosphere was the nicest part though: the track was short, super rocky and any mistake could cost you big time. Read on for the different Croatian experiences our riders had this weekend! I think I went 10 seconds faster and on a track like this, that is quite a lot! I had a bad day for qualis but I'm all good now, I'm happy with that!

For me to come from wet steep to loose stuff to this wasn't easy, I don't ride rocks ever. I can't wait for Fort William, I'm in a good position to go into it, so yes I'm excited!

A lot of twists and turns in the men's categories! For the bad news, Loïc Bruni crashed during practice and couldn't race for the rest of the weekend.

He dislocated his elbow but he's confident to be back for the next round in June. During his final run, his team mate Finn Iles crashed as well but thankfully didn't injured himself.

Good and promising results for the other Fox Head riders:. I made two big mistakes, but to make the top 7 that was my goal and it sets me up pretty nicely for the year! It was a good weekend last weekend he won an international race in Slovenia and I had a solid run this weekend so I'm trying to go on the box at Fort William for the next round!

My goal was to not crash and I ended up making a few mistakes, back to back which is a shame. I tried to catch up on the bottom part of the track but it wasn't enough. On the last practice in Friday I had a huge crash so I was very 'steaf', and I worked pretty hard to get my body to be loose again and rode average for the qualis. But I knew I had so much more speed, so during my final run I just put it together how I wanted to, nothing too crazy but clean and ended up 12th which is an awesome start anti rides homme bhv femme the season.

As you can hear in the background, it's such a good race with a big crowd! I'm not too worried, we've got a big break now to try and get back on it, and Fort William is a good race for me so I'm looking forward to that. It's clearly obvious that even if not all the riders had their best weekend ever, they're all super hungry and motivated for the next round in Fort William.

Following their support of the successful US Open relaunch, Fox Racing has increased their involvement with joint marketing and production efforts around the US Open brand. Fox was excited to support the return of this great event in and we are proud to increase our involvement to title sponsor this year. Their unwavering commitment to the sport and reputation in the industry is second to none.

Racers and fans can expect great things! Killington Resort has made huge investments over the past 4 years to become a mountain biking destination. A new downhill track, onsite campground and extensive lodging options and restaurants make it the perfect venue for an event like the Fox US Open of Mountain Biking.

More event information and registration details coming soon. Welcome to Cairns! This Australian track is unlike any other so far this year year: very, very fast, super loose, and due to the dry weather, more dusty than ever with some tough pedaling sections which made it extremely physical too!

Just over a year ago, Loïc Bruni won his first ever World Cup on this track, so he was well aware of what could be possible here.

The local crowd were cheering for hometown hero Mick Hannah, who stayed on the hot seat for much of the day, and looked as if he had possibly done enough to take the title. Nobody was able to go faster, and the time stood, making Loic World Champion for his second time in his short career! My team-mate Miranda did it in the women's category just before, so I just followed her lead. It's incredible, the run was crazy, it was super loose so I didn't know what to expect because I knew Mick was super fast.

So when I saw I was in front of him I was super happy but still super stressed out about the other guys so to hold on until the end was insane! I though Mick had the title already, but when I saw Loïc beat him, it was unreal. It's always good to see him winning! I've had surgery on my hand only 6 weeks ago so I couldn't expect too much. I can't wait to be back healthy to ride my bike and start preparing for next season!

Two days before finals, she was the fastest during timed training. This race was mental! I'm glad the other girls pushed so hard as well, we all wanted the title so much. I don't mean it's nice to see everybody going down, but the fact we were all so competitive was awesome! After winning six World Cups this year and wearing the rainbow stripes from last years World Champs win, Finn Iles was feeling the pressure on his shoulders to prove once again he can be the fastest rider of his generation.

I still knew I could do a good time even under these conditions, and I knew that Matt Walker had done a very good time before my run, but I made two big mistakes and lost way too much time. I tried to go too fast and paid the price!

It was a great year for the Fox Gravity team. The new course was unforgiving of the smallest mistake and FOX team riders had a tricky weekend in the office with some ups and downs! This definitely adds some flavor to the season.

I'm stoked for the overall as well because it means I can relax for the rest of the season. The next round will be at Mont Saint Anne in Canada, my home country, and I would love to take the win in front of the Canadian crowd.

I was on a good run and I pushed a bit too hard. I finished five seconds from the winner and I know that in the past that could have been enough for a second place. It's an amazing feeling and almost a relief at the same time I started without pushing too hard but I made a small mistake in the first rock garden.

I told myself to forget it and to start the race again. But I made two other mistakes in sections where it's critical to carry speed. All these mistakes cost me time and with the racing so tight right now, you can't afford to do that. Now I have the feeling I missed a good opportunity. I'm still top ten which is good, but what I really want is to be in the top three! I have to work harder! I was confident for finals and maybe a bit too much. After my run, I stayed 10 minutes alone to think about my crash and I realised it's not a disaster.

I'm young, I didn't get injured and it didn't happen because of a mechanical. Everything worked perfectly and it just my fault. What makes me happy is that I'm still 4th overall because of my performance in qualifying, but I want more augmentation mammaire teton femme So it's what the goal for the weekend was.

I did only 5 runs during the 3 days and it was still very painful. My race run started pretty well but I crashed half way and I decided to cruise down to not take anymore risks. A few hundred kilometres away, the Enduro riders were having one of the hardest races any of them had ever experienced in their careers! Soaked by the rain for two days, the freezing temperatures and slippery mud made the stages even more gnarly than they were already!

The weather was such a nightmare and the race was super physical. The cold didn't help either! This mum was walking her two-year-old daughter to nursery when they encountered a speeding scooter rider on the pavement. Ma fille a deux ans. Elle aime marcher de la crèche jusqu'à la maison. Et toujours autant de connards de RasLeScoot pic.

This pedestrian looks rather shaken as a scooter passes straight over the pedestrian crossing at speed, not even slowing down, never mind stopping.

Ce piéton a mis longtemps avant d'accepter de traverser : refus de priorité sur la première partie, puis un motard est passé à fond, et derrière ça klaxonne. Il y a un an, un homme est mort à cet endroit, sa femme vient y déposer régulièrement des fleurs visibles à And this woman has filed a criminal complaint saying that her bike was badly damaged by a scooter rider.

FEPF pic. Ras le Scoot is also running a petition calling for a crackdown on scooter riders who persistently flout the rules of the road. France's news in English Search. Editions Austria Denmark France. Germany Italy Norway.

Spain Sweden Switzerland. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center. Jobs in France Browse jobs Post a vacancy. Email newsletters Newsletter sign-up Edit my subscriptions. Other pages Noticeboard Site search. Share this article. Sensible transport alternative or dangerous and annoying? Photo: AFP.

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The Local. With public transport services running a skeleton service during the strikes and the streets of Paris choked with traffic, a motorbike or scooter seems to be a sensible way of getting around - but some anti-social riders are making themselves seriously unpopular with their fellow Parisians.

Parking Anyone who has tried to find a parking space in Paris will understand the desperation that soon descends, but some scooter owners seem to take a more casual approach to where they leave their machines. Get notified about breaking news on The Local.

I find it shocking that the authorities don't take this issue more seriously - not just the danger they pose to pedestrians and cyclists but also the noise and pollution. Become a Member or sign-in to leave a comment.

More news Public pipi: Paris opens first ever exhibition of pissoirs. Paris moves to ban wild animals from circuses. Reported cases of pickpocketing on Paris Metro shoot up 74 percent in a year.